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Agrícola Julia is a family company owned by the Magnasco - Castaño family, second generation of Italian -Spanish. 
In the 40s they began with the textile business, buying what today is Industrias Textil Monarch S.A., which participates in 40% of the pantyhose and sock market at national level. As time went by, they have expanded to other areas and they participate in the textile, financial, real estate and agricultural businesses.

Agrícola Julia dates from 1983, when Fernando Magnasco bought Julia  farm in the VI Region)for his wife.
Don Fernando did not know much about the countryside, but he was attracted to it. His history and development was always through the industrial, textile and real estate area, but he always liked the countryside. He saw in it a chance to expand his investments and contribute with the hard work of the industrial field to the agricultural world. This is when he started in this new area, contributed with his vision, incorporated technology, processes, methods, management control, costs management, looked for new varieties and learned the job, transforming the farm in a productive company that gave work to more than 100 people. He undoubtedly accomplished all this with the support of the workers, who, with effort, dedication and knowledge did a great job.

Later, in 1999, his daughter, Paola Magnasco, Agricultural Engineer of Universidad de Chile, joined in and they bought three new farms: Valle Verde, Malentué and Santa Elena, all of them in the VI Region.
Both of them dedicated their effort to fix and organize these farms, providing them with water, fences, plantations, sheds, offices, machinery; they searched for advisors and hired the staff to work the farms. This process lasted around three years.
Already with four farms working in the VI Region, it became necessary to hire a production manager and take a step forward, opening up to exporting their products directly.

Both father and daughter have actively participated in the formation and direction of Chilenut, entity that gathers nuts producers in Chile.
In 1990, Aldo Magnasco, Fernando’s brother, bought a farm in the X Region and encouraged Fernando to invest in the South, which they jointly do by buying Santa Alba, Metahue, Quilacoya and San Francisco farms as from 1994, completing a total of 1722.324 acres destined to fattening up cattle for exporting and wheat sowing. These farms, as well as the ones in the Centre South Zone, demanded plenty of dedication.
In 2008, the brothers are invited to participate as partners in “Alioil”, a new agro industrial project in the X Region oriented to the manufacturing of Canola Oil to supply with food the Salmon industry of the zone. The cultivation is produced in their own farms.


The growth of the company has been possible thanks to its staff; we can proudly say that many of our workers have the same seniority as the company and they have growth with it. 

Most of the members of staff come from surrounding areas, such as la Compañía, la Blanquina, Miraflores and San Pablo, Trumaos and Osorno in the case of the farms in the South Zone.
In the Centre South Zone, more intensive in manpower, work has been given to more than 160 people in harvesting time. The staff counts with adequate facilities, such as toilets, dining areas and lockers, apart from having all the necessary safety articles to carry out their work without risking their health. 

As a complement, training programs are carried out every year in the different areas, as well as the traditional celebration of the end of season.
In charge of the farms with a mechanic workshop, watering control centre, chemical products and fertilizers warehouses, administrative offices, each one of these divisions lead by competent and trained staff.
Agrícola Julia also counts with the advice of renowned experts in different areas, such as Víctor Yarad, Wilbur Reil, Isamel Ureta, Eduardo Alonso, Jaime Jullian, among others.